Minnesota Mercedes Benz is more than a car club, it’s a lifestyle. We value comradery and have open arms to anyone and everyone who owns a Mercedes Benz or wishes to own a Mercedes Benz. Being involved with Minnesota Mercedes Benz opens the door to many opportunities. From making new friends to networking with local shops to complete your dream build – MNMB enhances your love for everything Mercedes Benz. From dyno tuning days to wine cruises – MNMB has the full experience that Minnesota Mercedes Benz enthusiasts have loved for over 25 years. In addition to becoming a part of the MNMB family – becoming a part of the nationally registered Mercedes-Benz Club of America enhances your MNMB experience. For just $55 a year, you receive a quarterly edition of STAR magazine, our quarterly award winning Northern Star newsletter, and discounts at local shops including

·         Tire\Wheel Combos

·         Window Tint\Car wraps

·         Dent repair\body work

·         General repairs

·         Aftermarket modifications\tuning


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Join today and be a part of the MNMB\MBCA family!